Delphi Firemonkey

Hier einige Antworten aus dem Embarcadero Webinar zu Firemonkey im September 2011

(Das ist nur ein Auszug, der für mich wichtigen Fragen und Antworten)

XXX-|Q:|Are there plans or efforts in the works to provide FireMonkey support on Linux and Android?

|A:| Both of these platforms are on the roadmap.

XXX-|Q:| What data based controls are available in FM?

|A:| Most FireMonkey visual controls can be bound to data, objects and expressions using our new LiveBindings technology.

XXX-|Q:| What can the ClientDataSet bind to?

|A:| FireMonkey includes built-in component based access to MS SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, Sybase, Informix, InterBase and Firebird databases. And of course, FireMonkey's data access is native which offers high performance. Detailed feature matrices are available at:

XXX-|Q:| Can I compile a 64 bit application on a 32 bit Delphi XE2 (installed on a 32 bit machine)?

|A:| Yes, you can build 64-bit applications using a 32-bit machine. However, you won’t be able to test them unless you use the Platform Assistant running on a 64-bit Windows machine or deploy the application to a Win64 machine.

XXX-|Q:| Is there a solution for reports/printing in FireMonkey?

|A:| There is currently no reporting solution available in FireMonkey.

XXX-|Q:| Does FireMonkey have TWebBrowser

|A:| An equivalent FireMonkey control is not available in this release.

XXX-|Q:| I read in a blog that TActionList is not available in FM. Is that true? Any plans to add it?

|A:| That is correct, but it is being considered for the roadmap.

XXX-|Q:|If all the code is standard VCL code is should port with little to no issues, correct?

|A:|Much of your application logic should be portable. However, user interfaces will need to be recreated with FireMonkey Forms and Controls. For migrating VCL forms to FireMonkey – check out Jeff Lefebvre’s blog post about MonkeyGroomer

XXX-|Q:| Will support for Windows 8 Metro Style apps be available in the next major version of Delphi, depending when Windows 8 is actually released?
|A:| No announcement has been made for Windows 8 Metro Style apps in a particular version of Delphi.

Zugriffsverletzung in der SQLOLEDB.dll beim zweiten Aufruf einer Stored Procedure aus Delphi heraus

Das funktioniert nur unter Win7 und ADO-Version 6.1

unter XP-SP3 und ADO-Version 2.8
kommt es zu einer einer Zugriffsverlertzung in SQLOLEDB.dll
beim zweiten Aufruf der Stored Procedure b9_Auslastung

  aProc.ProcedureName := 'b9_Auslastung';  
  aProc.Parameters.ParamByName('@Bearbeiter_ID').Value := aBearb_ID;  
  aProc.Parameters.ParamByName('@Stichtag').Value := aStichtag;  
  aProc.Prepared := TRUE;  

Das funktioniert unter Win7 und ADO-Version 6.1

         und unter XP-SP3 und ADO-Version 2.8  
  aProc.ProcedureName := 'b9_Auslastung';  
  aProc.Parameters.CreateParameter('@Bearbeiter_ID', ftInteger, pdInPut, 0, aBearb_ID);  
  aProc.Parameters.CreateParameter('@Stichtag', ftDate, pdInPut, 0, aStichtag);  
  aProc.Prepared := TRUE;  

AVI kann nicht geöffnet werden

Diese Fehlermeldung erscheint, wenn ich ein neues Delphi-Projekt erstellt habe und dort die Unit d_DruckVorlage einbinde.

procedure Td_DruckVorlage.DspFormCreate(Sender: TObject);
avi.ResName := 'PRINTING';

Im Programm muss die Ressourcendatei ko_avi.res eingebunden sein, da diese die "PRINTING"-AVI enthält. Deshalb habe ich im Hauptformular dMDIMain die folgende Zeile eingefügt:

{$R ko_avi.res}